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EO Johnson is a large business technology company providing business copiers and printers, production print and finishing, managed IT and digital transformation consulting for over 65 years. 


With the impact of COVID, leadership wanted to revisit the current EO Johnson strategy.


Wayde Consulting was asked to help EO Johnson review their current strategic plan and make necessary adjustments.  Through discussions with executive leadership, we first worked to understand EO Johnson as an organization including its history and aspirations. 


To ensure alignment in the leadership team, we partnered with them to clarify and unify the purpose of the EO Johnson products and services.  This resulted in refined EO Johnson vision, mission, and value statements. 


We then partnered with the leadership team to assess the current state of the business including examining their external and internal environment.  We helped the leadership engage in facilitated discussions to integrate and prioritize the environmental information that helped determine the desired future state.  The result was a holistic strategic plan with focused long term strategic business goals and cascading short term division initiatives that address the people in the organization, the processes used to conduct business and the technologies used to support business activities. 


Wayde Consulting continues to partner with EO Johnson on the execution and adaptation of the strategic plan. 



GI Associates has experienced significant organizational growth in the last few years, such as a new location, increased staffing, changes to processes, and growing technology needs.


Wayde consulting was asked to help the board of directors review the business and assist the organization in adapting to the current growth, positioning itself optimally for future changes to the business, and addressing the organizational structure including reviewing and updating the current strategy. 


We began by partnering with the board to review and clarify the identify (business model), purpose (vision, mission, values) and strategic goals of the people, processes, and technology of the organization. 


Working together, we conducted assessments of the external and internal environment including gathering perceptions of employee engagement through an all-employee survey.  In a series of meetings, we assisted the board members in integrating and interpreting the results of the external and internal information collected to help create an understanding of the current state of the organization. 


We facilitated crucial conversations between board members to help determine the desired future state for GI Associates. 


Partnering with the GI Associates leadership team, we developed a comprehensive strategic plan including short term functional objectives to enable execution of the plan.

Wayde Consulting continues to partner with GI Associates on the execution and adaptation of the strategic plan.


GI Associates is a large healthcare organization that provides advanced, high-quality digestive health clinical expertise and endoscopy services to customers in North & Central Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. 

GI Associate’s group of Board-Certified Gastroenterologists work closely with referring providers to provide comprehensive Gastroenterology services to adult patients.  

People Management

During the COVID pandemic, employees experienced increased stress that was exacerbated by an increase in business and changes to the organizational structure.  The confluence of these factors was thought to contribute to increased challenges within the clinical teams.


Wayde Consulting was asked to help address the increased challenges within the teams. 


To determine the root cause of the challenges, Wayde Consulting conducted workplace assessments with each team.  Individual team members were interviewed to determine their perception of the issues the team was experiencing.  The use of this assessment method gave individual team members an opportunity to share their concerns and issues. 


Through follow up team discussions, we supported each team in efforts to better understand their issues and engage in problem solving to resolve them.  Both physician and organizational leadership were also engaged to support these efforts. 


With great engagement from GI Associates leadership, the outcome is improved relationships and increased efficiency in the clinical teams resulting in improved workplace satisfaction for all.

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