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Leadership Coaching

The 3A coaching framework is designed to improve leader effectiveness by helping leaders assess data about their personality and behaviors, make necessary adjustments, and maintain leadership skills for ongoing growth and success.


Through a series of discussions and assessments, we help you gather, then analyze data to increase self-awareness and better understand how your actions and behaviors are perceived by others.


We work with you to align and integrate the data, gaining vital insights into your leadership strengths and challenges. We partner with you to target specific areas for improvement and develop individualized action plans to help you achieve your stated goals.


As you work to make the necessary adjustments to improve your leadership skills, we guide and support you through regular coaching sessions. During these sessions, we provide education, guide practice, share our expertise and function as your trusted sounding board.


Coaching sessions are supplemented with between-session activities and readings to accelerate and enhance your development.


We recognize that maximizing your impact requires sustaining the changes you made through coaching. Once you have improved and enhanced your targeted leadership abilities, we partner with you to maintain those skills by equipping you with the tools you need for ongoing growth and success.


More so than typical coaching engagements, we include post-coaching feedback and check-in coaching sessions to ensure you realize significant and sustained benefits from your investment.

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